Although a relatively small club, Regency Park Rotary undertakes a very large assortment of local and international projects, many of these are providing a service to the community. Of necessity we run other projects to raise funds. 100% of raised funds go back into the communities both local and overseas.

Our 2019/2020 activities are listed below.

SERVICE PROJECTS                          PROJECT TYPE

Corolla Capers                                            Community & International

Bread collection/distribution                     Community Project

Semaphore Carousel Operation                Community Project

Meals on Wheels – Prospect                     Community Project

Support the Prospect Fair                         Community Project

Support Prospect Kindy                            Community Project

Pooraka Kindy BBQ                                   Community Project

Ridley Grove Community Garden            Community Project

Roma Mitchell Secondary College           Community Project

Supply Samsung Tablets to SCOSA          Community Project

Victims of Domestic Violence Kits          Community Project

St Bede’s Drop in Centre – Support          Community Project

Recycling Collection                                   Community Project

Walking to Lift the Lid (ARH)                  Community Project

Friday Wellbeing & Fellowship Walk        Community Project

Virtual Ride to Melbourne – ARH            Community Project

Mothers Day Classic (Catering)                Community Project

SCOSA BBQ                                                Community Project

Hearing Aids to Nepal (On going)                    International Project

Operating Light Green Pastures Hospital       International Project

Kalimpong Crisis Centre(On Going) RAGAS International Project

Bhutan2020 (Corolla Capers) DAA                  International Project

Uganda Container of Medical Equipment       International Project

Schooling 2 Indonesian children (RAWCS)     International Project

Fellowship Exchange – USA/Can                      International Project

Exchange Student                                       Youth support

National Youth Science Forum                 Youth support

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards             Youth support

Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment     Youth support

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness               Youth support

Vocational O/S Youth                                Youth support

Second Chances                                         Youth support




Bunnings BBQ                                              Income

RDU Product Marketing – Conference      Income

Norwood Christmas Pageant                      Community Project

Port Adelaide Christmas Pageant               Community Project

Regency Park Swap Meet                            Community Project

Lights View Sunday Market (complete)     Community Project

Science Experience catering                        Community Project

Spotless Laundry Service Staff BBQ           Community Project

Sth Pacific Laundry Service Staff BBQ      Community Project

Bicycle Network – Bike Count                    Community Project