International Projects


The Rotary Club of Regency Park is one of many numerically small clubs with a strong record of fundraising and service locally but also for the World Community.

During the 2017-18 Rotary Year, the club has continued its assistance in healthcare to many of the more disadvantaged members of communities in Western Nepal. Since 2014 the club has been successful in being awarded three District Grants for these services. The first two enabled the provision of 43 wheelchairs ($6000) and limb prostheses and orthotics ($8000). These services are provided through Green Pastures Hospital (GPH), Pokhara, Nepal; a facility of an NGO, International Nepal Fellowship(INF). GPH provides care for people experiencing the consequences of Leprosy, spinal injuries, congenital malformation and cerebral palsy. During 2017 -18 the club has continued this relationship by donating $4,500 being 50% of the purchase price of a new Universal Anaesthesia Machine for GPH. This enabled the total cost to be provided in conjunction with the SA Branch of International Fellowship. A further $10,000 was provided in this Rotary Year being approximately 2/3 of the purchase price of a new Portable X-ray unit for Green Pastures Hospital.

A third District Grant for $1000 has enabled the purchase of a LED medical examination light ($2000) for Obstetric Fistula services being established by INF in Surkhet, Western Nepal. This means that club has since 2014, continued to demonstrate a strong ongoing commitment to the provision of healthcare to a special group of those disadvantaged and marginalised in Nepal. With the assistance noted from the Rotary Foundation, this amounts to $30,500.

Further commitment to the world community is evidenced by the $20,000 raised through the clubs previous two Corolla Capers events being committed to the ‘Cows for Cambodia’ programme with the view to possibly applying for a Global Grant. A District Grant ($4000), was awarded to allow 2 members of the club to visit Siem Reap and scope the viability of the project towards this aim. This programme provides poor families in rural Cambodia to be provided with a pregnant Brahmin cow and to then take ownership of the calf, something which would otherwise be unaffordable to them. While the possibility of a Global Grant in conjunction with a Cambodian club has been excluded, our club has now allocated a sum of $20,000 from the past 2 years events. This enables the provision of 20 Australian Brahmin cows each to be ear-tagged with a Rotary emblem. It is anticipated that their calves will be similarly tagged. The Australian cows will improve the genetic stock of cattle in Cambodia and is welcomed by the Cambodian Government.

The club has also partnered with the other members of Group 5 in raising just over $1700 for antimalarial medication for pregnant women in Kenya.

Following a greater than 20-year commitment, the club has increased its support from one child to two children ($220) through RAWCS project 36-2009-10 # Indonesia (Empowering Indonesian Children for a Brighter future). It is also an annual contributor to Disaster Aid International and other worldwide Rotary endeavours.

It is believed that this summary demonstrates the ongoing commitment the Rotary Club of Regency Park has towards World Community (International) Services.