Regency Park Rotary. Meeting on the traditional Country of the Kaurna people

Regency Park Rotary has a diverse mix of members from local business owners to retirees with people of all different ages and backgrounds.

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There’s one common goal that brings us together and that’s the passion to make a difference, give something back to the community and help others in need.

Who can join Rotary?

People Just Like You and Me

One of Rotary’s great strengths is the diversity of members from all different ages and walks of life who share a heart to make a difference. Whether currently employed or retired, it is a great opportunity to contribute to a wide range of activities which support people within our local, national and international communities. One of our banners reads ‘Supporting people everywhere’ and that is what we do our best to do while having great fun doing it. The global aspect of Rotary International ensures that there will be something that you have a special concern about for which Rotary is contributing to somewhere in the world.


Possibly interested?

You have visited this website and so why not make contact and get some more information?

There’s no commitment but you might enjoy the opportunity to attend a meeting and explore further.

“But  I don’t have the time”

Gone are the days that Rotarians are expected to attend weekly meetings. Some members find that they are able to help out at events and projects but other family or work commitments make attending an evening meeting difficult.

Why not give it a go!

Being part of Rotary may open up unexpected opportunities to gain new knowledge and meet people with a wide range of experiences.