Corolla Capers 2021



The Silverton Stakes  ran from 26th June to 3rd July
The event in 2021 had to adjust to COVID and State travel restrictions.
In the end we didn’t cross the border to Silverton but headed instead to the Southern Flinders after a foray along the eastern border of SA.
 There were  37 participants in 20 vehicles, a shorter route of just over 1900km. unfortunatley two cars had to  withdraw mid trip . Funds raised well exceeded the $12,000 goal and many challenges / highlights kept all participants entertained.
THE ROUTE: In 2021, the odyssey headed east crossing the Murray at Mannum and then on to the mallee country and the Ngarkat Conservation Park/ Box Flat Campground.
The challenge on Day One was getting the whole convoy through Jimmy’s Well Track.  Thanks to the 4WD support  everyone made it although, in the dark!
On day two, we headed north to Lameroo and then via the border track to Renmark.
The heavier support vehicles had to abort and head direct to Calperum as the track in places was too narrow. That night at Calperum Station, a very interesting  presentation about the environmental and conservation projects was given by Caitlin, the education officer.
Day Three saw us on to Dangalli National Park where we camped the night then on to Holowiliena via Yunta and the Bendleby Ranges Stations north of Orroroo. The pastoral country was a first for the CC Odysseys. Both venues were new locations providing excellent facilities and staging points for road trips to Hawker and the Gorges of the Flinders, Quorn via back roads, and 4WD tracks at Bendleby Ranges.
CC2021 challenge highlights were the Ngarkat Dunes, State Vic Border Track and the 4WD Tracks at Bendleby.
 Of the 37 participants five were new. Fourteen were rotarians. The convoy was made up of 12 Corollas and 8 support and 4WD vehicles. A
purpose – built support trailer to house the cooking utilities had its maiden odyssey and while some suspension adjustments will be needed, it proved a worthwhile asset.
FUNDRAISING: The daily raffle draw from the Bookies Bag and the night fines raised $1,500 and Arch’s Auction $4,850. Registration and Donations built the balance to over $14,000. Donations in kind – raffle and auction items and food items added to the fundraising balance as well as a generous service donation of a trailer of firewood by the Tintinara Lions Club.
A great effort everyone, but particularly the organising committee who had to make many last minute changes.
 Special mention goes to Mark Carter who took up the challenge to fill the vacant role of capers cook. This is a big task and Mark spent hours before the week preparing night dinner menus, drafting rosters and working with Les to purchase the supplies.
No mean achievement to feed  40 caperers with 3 meals daily over eight days. Mark remarkably rallied the whole group to do their part in delivering the meals on time and in accord with quarantine restrictions etc.

                                          SEE YOU IN 2022!